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I am a professor at Cape Cod Community College and and a member of a Buddhist order. After a 30-year career as a newspaper reporter and editor I became a full-time professor in 2001. I am the author of the textbooks "The Elements of News Writing" and "The Elements of Academic Writing." I enjoy running, hiking and camping. I have two grown sons and two grandchildren.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Is anyone out there?

Being new to blogging, I naturally wonder what the point is. I wonder if anyone will ever read this. So if you do, please send me an e-mail at jwkoncape@excite.com. I have made many attempts at keeping a journal on paper, and they usually last only a few weeks. Nevertheless, they are interesting to me, when I go back and read old journals. I hope this blog proves interesting in future years. But will it still be available. I suppose I could always print out a copy and keep it on paper, in case Blogger disappears. It seems rather ephemeral. I plan to ask all my students to keep a blog as practice in writing. I currently ask them to keep a paper journal. I ask them to make a journal of 50 entries of at least 100 words each. Does this device have a word-count feature? Hmmm. I don't see one. Although other blogs do have total words listed, so the technology is here somewhere. The spell checker did not recognize "blogging." It suggested I might mean "flogging"! I love it!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sore ankle

This morning I slept until 7:30, and then got up and meditated. My right ankle is sore, so I don't think I should run this morning. I think I may have strained the ankle in yoga class Tuesday. I am not very flexible, so those yoga poses are difficult for me. With any luck the yoga will make me more flexible. I hope to get my printer repaired today, and do some more work on editing the manuscript I agreed to read.