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I am a professor at Cape Cod Community College and and a member of a Buddhist order. After a 30-year career as a newspaper reporter and editor I became a full-time professor in 2001. I am the author of the textbooks "The Elements of News Writing" and "The Elements of Academic Writing." I enjoy running, hiking and camping. I have two grown sons and two grandchildren.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Busy, busy week!

10 p.m. Wednesday: I want to blog more regularly, but I have been extremely busy -- even by my standards. ON the 15th, I gave my last final;. On the 16th I organized a dinner for eight at a restaurant; it was out "newbie" group of professors who began at the college around the same time. On the 17th I went to another dinner party honoring graduates of the Suffolk University program for which I teach. On the 18th, I finished calculating grades and handed them in on the 19th, On the 20th, I went to a party at the college president's house. On the 21st I went hiking in the National Seashore with my old friend Karen. We used to work together in Pennsylvania 26 years ago and hadn't seen each other since. That was fun! On the 22nd, I prepared for a professional day presentation and went to a retirement party. On the 23rd -- here is the biggie -- I started at 8 a.m. finalizing he presentation, and then from 9 to 3 our NCBI team put on a program on civility to three successive groups of faculty members. Then from 4 to 5:30 I had a business meeting of the Interfaith Coalition, followed by another retirement party form 6 to 7, and an Interfaith program and reception from 7 to 9. Then I review entries for a college magazine from 10 to midnight. Whew! And Today -- the 24th -- I had a faculty meeting at 9, an employee recognition brunch at 10 and Evening of Excellence presentation of scholarships and awards from 6:30 to 9. It has just been crazy! The funny thing is, I love it!


Running: 3 miles


Blogger Karen said...

Wow, you have been incredibly busy. As you say, they seem to be really fun things.... I hope you get to relax some over the long weekend!

5:53 PM  

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