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I am a professor at Cape Cod Community College and and a member of a Buddhist order. After a 30-year career as a newspaper reporter and editor I became a full-time professor in 2001. I am the author of the textbooks "The Elements of News Writing" and "The Elements of Academic Writing." I enjoy running, hiking and camping. I have two grown sons and two grandchildren.

Friday, May 05, 2006


10 p.m.: Friday was a good day. I had a very short mass communication class, and then drove to Bedford for a meeting of SNACCIM -- Student Newspaper Advisers at Community Colleges in Massachusetts! I made up the acronym myself several years ago when we started the organization. It reminds me of the frog character on some kids cereal. It was a fun meeting over lunch of six of us. It was a very long drive home. In the evening I went to the college for a modern dance performance. I enjoyed it very much. It was a lot of fun.
Running: 3 miles


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